WinPet Medical

stoisko nr 35
Icerenkoy District. Degirmenyolu Street. Kutay Business Center B Blok 1th Floor Atasehir/ISTANBUL/TURKEY
+90 216 577 1766

WinPet Medical Ltd. is an R & D company which develops products that can manage the post-operative process.
The most important product of our company, WinPet Wound Protective Corset has emerged with academic coordination following a long R & D process. Our product is legally protected by PCT worldwide.
Our product, which is produced from technical fabric, is designed according to its purpose and provides rapid recovery of the patient without losing the comfort throughout the post-operative period.
It can be used safely in pet patients of any size. Our product, which is preferred by visionary and innovative physicians, was selected as the best wound care support product by Global Health & Pharma in 2018.